[H-GEN] membership drive uq 2011

Clinton Roy clinton.roy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 17:56:56 EST 2011

This week is Orientation week at UQ, its designed to ease all the new
students into their uni courses.

Thanks to Marco we were invited to give a short introduction to Humbug
at the start
of the Information Technology course on Monday and the Media Studies
course on Tuesday.
Unfortunately I couldn't get my slides up (ancient windows machine
didn't understand my usb key)

On Tuesday I got the slides working. There was a little more
integration with the other talks as some of the media students have
had their stuff presented at The Edge, which I was able to talk about
a bit.

Wednesday was market day, it turns out one of the guys organise the UQ
computer science club (UQCS, basically a reformed BITS) went to lca,
and they agreed to an offer of helping them to run the stall and sell
humbug a little in return for some of our left over swag. I think this
worked quite well.

Still to organise:
 * intros at the start of the classes.
 * Find the engineering courses in Electrical Engineering.
 * make a wiki page of all the different groups we're connected to now

I am starting to lose energy for this stuff.
Clinton Roy
linux.conf.au organiser

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