[H-GEN] Email is broken... Really? How?

Daniel Devine devine at ddevnet.net
Sun Feb 13 09:41:40 EST 2011

 Thanks for the feedback.
 Its given me a bit more to think about.
 I think that nearly all the pieces for a new generation of logical mail 
 systems exist and they just need to be assembled in a sane fashion and 
 an "Enterprise Ready!" sticker shoved on the box. A task force of 
 assassins targeting stubborn sysadmins and CIOs will probably be needed 
 to allow implementation to happen on any reasonable scale.

 What these pieces are and how they are assembled I don't really have an 
 answer to just yet. I just see a shining ray of hope.

 On Sun, 13 Feb 2011 23:15:02 +1000, David Seikel wrote:
> So, um, how would TLS actually help?
 TLS helps you positively identify the sender -- it provides a primary 
 source of information to filter on rather than other secondary 
 parameters which may be circumstantial or easily forged. Spammers can 
 just use TLS too though by doing this they make themselves easily 
 Personally I don't trust major certificate authorities such as Verisign 
 to authenticate identities - but I won't bother explaining this.
 At least that is my take on TLS as I understand it.

 Daniel Devine

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