[H-GEN] lca2011 wrap up talk?

Tony Bilbrough tony at bilbrough.com.au
Sun Feb 6 02:51:39 EST 2011

G'day Clinton,
I think that a wrap up talk would be a grand idea.
Quite a few of the volunteers failed to get the whole picture of this 
well planned and executed Conference - because they were errrr, working.

For what its worth, I enjoyed, and learned a lot, from all the Key note 
speakers, along with each and every session I attended.

By all means give the floor to the team leaders, but please, lets not 
use the event as a debating place for Emo's to carp and whinge.
There were rumblings that some indolent caitiff might have hijacked the 
praise due to some of the innovative and extremely hard working team. I 
am sure this cannot be true.

Best plan is to have a bbq somewhere do it then - but don't leave it too 
long! I can supply a few bottles of wine.

Cheers Tony

On 06/02/11 12:28, Clinton Roy wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I really would love it if someone could organise a wrap up talk of lca
> this year.
> I didn't get to see any talks and would love to know the good stuff.
> (I'm also on the papers committee for this year, and have a
> professional interest
> in hearing feedback on talks).


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