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Greg Outridge needs help in installling two CentOS servers (see email below). If anyone can help please contact him. 


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Dear Matthew, 

I hope you do not mind me contacting you, I found your contact details under the Humbug Membership page. I am writing to you in the hope you may be able to help me resolve a problem I have found ourselves in. 

My name is Greg Outridge, I own a fibre optic distribution company based in Murrarie, Brisbane. We are currently building a Gpon ftth system for testing/training purposes, and the software management system that monitors the network components runs on a Linux Centos OS. 

My problem started when the system hardware from the US vendor for the test lab was all shipped from the US, and the management servers were left behind. As such I need to install 2 servers running Centos before we begin installation of the EMS software. 

I have purchased two HP rackmount servers (DL380 and DL360) and I am looking for a person/company that can install the Centos OS onto both machines for us. 

I would like, but it is not necessary to have one server support 2-4 x virtual machines. 

I am hoping Matthew that your organisation could possibly provide some assistance in helping me find a person/company to assist us by performing an installation of the Centos OS on the 2 machines, as whilst my company are very good network techs, we are not very good OS techs! 

I am under significant pressure to have these machines installed and running by the end of next week, so I would appreciate any assistance or direction you could offer towards finding a suitable provider. 

I expect to pay for these services, please do not think I am asking for unpaid works, and I am happy paying for a good service. 

I appreciate any advice you may have Matthew, as I am genuinely stuck on this. 

With thanks, 

Greg Outridge 


Optical Solutions Australia 

Unit 1 45 Alexandra Place Murarrie 

Qld 4172 

Ph 07 3890 5888 

Fx 07 3890 5988 

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