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David Harrison davidharrison at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 21:12:11 EDT 2010

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 9:34 AM, Stephen Thorne <stephen at thorne.id.au>wrote:

> Yep, sounds like an ideal plan. You may be tempted to attach the drives by
> so you can have easy expansion, but my experience with this is you get this
> tradeoff:
> Pick 3:
>  - slow
>  - won't spin down when inactive
>  - unreliable

Weird, my latest USB drive (1.5TB cheap Lacie thing, IIRC) spins down
automatically after a period of inactivity. Not sure how long, but I can
definitely hear it spinning down and then back up again when I try to access

I've been using USB drives for storage for the last few years just because
they're cheap and easy. I agree with the 'slow' comment if you want to do
bulk moves, but for my purposes (bulk storage, backup, media playback)
they're more than adequate. The most annoying things for me are a) they all
require their own power point and b) they're just messy and you end up with
drives dangling everywhere!

Almost all the guys I work with - mostly technical types who happily build
themselves HTPCs, etc - ended up buying Thecus storage units because after
evaluating the options they found that they were the simplest option to get
fast, bulk storage (though I think it was comparatively expensive). They're
all uniformly happy with them - they're nice, compact and (I believe)
relatively quiet.

dave / mammoth media
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