[H-GEN] Public Liability Insurance

Dennis Gilmore dennis at gilmore.net.au
Mon Sep 13 00:38:12 EDT 2010

On Saturday, September 11, 2010 07:47:22 pm Gary Curtis wrote:
> An Observation:
> Myself, and sometimes other Humbuggers, attend PHP/MySQL meetups
> at the Toowong Library meeting room. This is a bunch of people sitting
> around in the evening, chatting, often with computers on laps. Sounds a
> lot like Humbug to me.
> We are not required to have public liability insurance.
> I understand that it is a UQ requirement to have this insurance.
> My question is, how does BCC manage to get by without it?
> Perhaps this is a question the Executive might ask of someone at BCC?
> (with a view to backporting the logic to UQ)
> Gary

At a guess, BCC has public liability insurance that covers all events that are 
held at the library. since it is a public facility for all residents  of 
Brisbane.  UQ on the otherhand likely has public insurance that covers UQ 
events only. as Humbug is not a part of UQ its not covered and they require 
that HUMBUG provides its own and wants proof that they do.  Its also possible 
that there is no coverage at the Library and nothing has ever happened that 
has warrented them to ensure that groups using their facilities have 
appropriate coverage

Just a stab in the dark here.

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