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Hi Guys, 
just to keep you up to date with the lca bid her is the last meetings minutes. They will also be posted to the wiki. 

Matthew Franklin 

=== Meeting & Minute Information === 

* Time and Place 27/06/09 14:33, UQ Prentice Building(42) room s212 

* Present: Russell Stuart, Mark Ellem, Matthew Franklin, Stephen Thomas, Clinton Roy, Daniel Devine. Shaun Nykvist and James Iseppi attended via Skype 

* Apologies: None. 

Minutes Written by Matthew Franklin 

== The Meeting == 
The meeting was kicked off by Shaun. A few things to note that while we had problems with getting internet access (we in the end went through the AP "UQ Connect") we were able to use Skype for communication with Shaun and James. 

=== A Theme === 
Shaun proposed in a email on the 10/07/09 that we have a theme. He asked that members put forward ideas for the theme and that it was an agenda item for this meeting. Russell in his email on the 10/07/09 stated that while themes are like eye candy it ties the bid together. There was a general agreement on this. Daniel felt that a theme was something easy to put in or to take out. James felt that a theme should be generic and note restrictive. 

* "Open Source for Open Minds" was Russell's suggestion. Overal with the group it had a positive reception with Matthew and Shaun giving it the thumbs up. 

* "Working with Communities" was proposed by Matthew but he felt Russell's theme was a lot better. 

* "Meet the Makers" was proposed by Daniel however Clinton informed us that the "Make" magazine already had dibs on that theme. 

In the end we proposed that Shaun setup a wiki page for the themes. Where we wack up our ideas. 

=== General Reports === 
* The Logo. Matthew sent out an email on the 08/07/09. It contained an svg with the logo and a tar of multiple pngs. Daniel felt that platypus feet need to rounded out. "They look like it been drawing using a pacer" - Daniel. The Lca logo still needs more work. 

* Networking. James asked had anyone looked at his "Network Proposal" email which was sent out on the 01/07/09. We generally agreed to his proposal. 

* Papers, BOF etc. Stephen has written up a document and will post it to list soon. James believes that there needs to be a lot more effort needs to be put into it. We should setup a templete on the website so that BOF's can be better handled. James sent Mark a link to the rooms. 

* Redevelopment of QUT. Russell asked whether or not the redevelopment would affect the rooms that we would be used. Shaun reassured us that our rooms wouldn't be affected. 

* Bid Document. Have on the wiki the bid document draft. There we would a have seperate sections that would be used to sumbit each person's area. So you have a section for the AV another for the dinners, Budget etc. 

=== Next Meeting === 
Shaun proposed that we work on our seperate areas and comunnicate with one another through the internet. Once we have a lot more information collected we could then decide to have another meeting. We could even have meetings online. However we will probly have more normal styled meeting getting closer to the end of the bidding process. Even prehaps moving to a weekly meeting. 

Meeting Closed at 3pm. 
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