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Stephen Thorne wrote:
> At the request of the author, I am reposting
> http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1085503 here:
> At 12:40ish pabs3 Wrote:
>> At about 2:30pm (e.s.t.) today, Greens Senator Scott Ludlam will ask Minister Stephen Conroy about proposed mandatory internet censorship during Senate question time.
>> For links to live broadcast, as well as video/transcript:
>> http://scott-ludlam.greensmps.org.au/content/mandatory-internet-censorship
>> Depending on the Minister's answer, you might like to give him a call on (02) 6277 7480 or email him on senator.conroy at aph.gov.au
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> Stephen Thorne
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>  --Jonathan Lange
Hi Stephen,

I must have missed the change in government - I didn't realise that a) 
we were in a communist country now where the right to use your own 
judgement on moral issues is trumped by the State, b) we were able to 
successfully censor the entire Internet yet still make relevant content 
available in the same year that the information was requested and c) we 
even need to have some cronie in the Government decide what we should be 
able to watch or not watch and to take the ability for us to instill 
values in our children.

Censorship takes not only our own freedom to choose away, but also our 
ability to properly raise our children.  Censorship is bad.  Ratings, 
however, are different - they help* us to make informed decisions.

- HiltonT

* Assuming, of course, that overly sensitive and small minded people 
don't dominate the ratings boards, which is often the case.
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