[H-GEN] Recommendation needed

Nikolai Lusan nikolai at lusan.id.au
Sun Nov 2 19:05:21 EST 2008

Hey all,

This is slightly OT, in that it refers to hardware that runs an embedded
*nix OS :)

I urgently need some service work done on my iAudio X5 before I fly to
Canada next month ... I need someone to recommend me a place in Brisbane
(inner city or south side) that is capable of re-soldering pins on a PCB
(I know exactly which pins - this is a design floor people were unaware
of when I bought the thing), the other problem might need a bit more
poking around to discover but I am also confident I know approximately
where that is too :)

Anyone able to help out I thank you.
(Please respond off list)
Nikolai Lusan <nikolai at lusan.id.au>

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