[H-GEN] I have a bad Postfix setup (appently)

Bruce Campbell bc at humbug.org.au
Mon Jan 24 05:57:23 EST 2005

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, barry day wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 08:06:41PM +1000, ben.carlyle at invensys.com wrote:
> >
> >    The "Message-ID:" field provides a unique message identifier that
> Except humbugs email header is actually "Message-Id"  (it was changed around
> the beginning of Dec)

The particular case of the 'message-id' header is generated by the
original sender's mail client.  It is not manipulated by the humbug mail
list software unless it does not exist.

> which is why my mutt isn't generating an In-Reply-To
> header. I'm sure there's a configuration setting for mutt that fixes this but
> I'm still looking. If anyone knows what it is I would be appreciative.

Header fields are case insensitive.  To quote the current standard for the
format of email messages, std11 (rfc822):

        When matching any other syntactic unit, case is to be ignored.
        For  example, the field-names "From", "FROM", "from", and even
        "FroM" are semantically equal and should all be treated ident-

In other words, if you have a mailer that is having issues with
'Message-Id' vs 'Message-ID' vs 'Message-id' (all of which were generated
in the last ~1500 messages), then the configuration of your mailer needs
to be checked.

> Scratch that! A test has proven it's not that. I'm now thinking it's
> because the "Message-Id:" field is missing angle brackets.

The copies of all the humbug list messages I receive have the '<' and '>'
brackets around the message-id string.  If they are not there in your
copy, then presumably something in the path is blocking it.


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