[H-GEN] Anti-unix changes in Suncorp-Metway's updated banking TOS

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Mon Jan 24 02:23:55 EST 2005

On 2005-01-24, Greg Black wrote:

> References: <20050124063854.GA937 at testbox>
>     <1106550496.4465.30.camel at localhost.localdomain>
> In-Reply-To: <1106550496.4465.30.camel at localhost.localdomain>

> On 2005-01-24, Harry Phillips wrote:
> > Is it Mutt or is it the way Barry has it configured that leaves off the
> > reference ID and breaks the thread?
> Barry's setup is wrong: he is providing neither the References
> header nor the In-Reply-To header, both of which are used for
> threading purposes.

While I'm at it, both Harry and Barry have a different piece of
bad setup -- they both generate ridiculous Message-Id headers.
I've left them at the top of the quoted material from my message

If you look at the Message-Id on this message, you'll see the
kind of thing that you would expect to see.

Cheers, Greg

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