[H-GEN] voip equipment & provider

Willie Yeo Willie.Yeow at aapt.com.au
Sat Dec 31 10:06:52 EST 2005

I picked up though a local reseller an ATA-adaptor on their VoIP network (obvious reasons I am not naming who, or advertising, since my employer wouldn't like it !).

They have 2 of them, either the LinkSys PAP2 ($129), or the NetGear ATA ($179 + includes 500mins free (Australia landlines and certain countries)).

Beauty of it is that, all fees are pre-paid, there's no monthly subscription other than shelling out for the ATA adaptor and call charges. Like everyone else, they also offer 10c/untimed any landline in Australia, and most idd calls are 3.5c/min. Calls within  the network is free.

The only darn thing is I cannot get fax to work, the calls are pretty good though :(

Email me if you want to know who I went through, but most googling will find you a few :D

Hey Tony, anymore needy families still need a complete CPU (no k/b or monitor) ?

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