[H-GEN] Can't use K3B as ordinary user on FC4

Ewan Edwards Edwards_Ewan_B at cat.com
Thu Dec 29 23:03:14 EST 2005

On Friday 30 December 2005 12:13, Mick wrote:
> > Hopefully someone on this list might be able to provide a pointer
> > to something that will help me solve this problem.
> >
> > The problem is that when configuring k3b as an ordinary user,
> > there are no "Writer Drives" listed and any attempt to "Add
> > Device" fails with an error "Could not find an additional device
> > at /dev/<devname>" no matter which <devname> is used eg: hdc,
> > dvdwriter, dvd, etc..
> I may be off track but when I first used it I didn't run k3bsetup
> so it didn't set suid bits on things and wouldn't work for ordinary
> user

Seems I need to do more googling. :-/  

The release notes for FC2 say that k3bsetup is not included in the 
distro because it isn't needed.  No mention of why it isn't 
needed ...

The release notes for FC4 don't mention k3bsetup at all.  Currently, 
there is no k3bsetup installed, nor is it included in the rpm.

Thanks for the pointer, though.  I never knew k3bsetup existed.

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