[H-GEN] archive.humbug.org.au is down

Bruce Campbell bc at humbug.org.au
Wed Dec 21 14:45:36 EST 2005

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, Russell Stuart wrote:

> Brad (or whoever), archive.humbug.org.au is down.
> It is returning 500's.

In the grand tradition of 'Despite thorough testing, stuff will publically 
break when one is away from a computer', archive.humbug.org.au did not 
properly fail over to its Amsterdam secondary from its Brisbane drive 
swap[1] over the weekend.

Since I am now back from the delightful experiences of snow[2], 
autobahns[3], xmas trinket collecting[4] and the all important cellar[5] 
restocking[6], this situation will be fixed shortly.


[1] Kudos to Raymond Smith and Mark Suter for the local hands-on work.
[2] Scenes of snow on christmas cards are pretty, but a right royal pain
     to walk or drive through.
[3] In a brand new hire car[7] no less.
[4] Bah, Humbug (and all that).
[5] So to speak.
[6] Otherwise known as filling the boot whilst moseying along the Mosel.
[7] Opel Corsa.  Decent amount of room for a small car, pity about the
     complete lack of oomph about 130km/hr .

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