[H-GEN] Can procmail trigger a script?

Harry Phillips harry at tux.com.au
Sun Dec 11 04:13:45 EST 2005

Edwin Groothuis wrote:
>>I have just subscribed to the clamav database update list and was 
>>wondering if procmail (or something else) can be used to trigger a 
>>script to download the latest database.
> This will do the trick:
> * ^List-Id: Ports bug reports .freebsd-ports-bugs.freebsd.org.$
> {
>     :0 c
>     |lockf /tmp/scanmail.lock /home/edwin/ports/incoming-prs/bin/scanmail.pl
>     :0
>     .freebsd-pb/
> }

What part does what? Does the first part run the scanmail.pl script and 
the second part put the message somewhere? If so, what is the lock file for?

Would this do what I am after:

* ^TO_clamav-db@

As I said this e-mail address is used for nothing else but receiving 
notices that the database has been updated, I don't need to keep the 

Harry Phillips

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