[H-GEN] Multi-thread downloads

Harry Phillips harry at tux.com.au
Sat May 29 22:52:12 EDT 2004

Jason Parker-Burlingham wrote:
>>In any case, pontificating on how morally bad it is seems to me to
>>be waste of time until we know what behaviour is expected from us.
>>And that requires real communication.  So lets do that.
> Almost right.  "First, do no harm."  Until we know why this policy is
> in place, it's best to act in a way to avoid suffering the wrath of a
> group which has very kindly donated considerable resources for almost
> HUMBUG's entire history.  Ignorance of the reasoning behind the rate
> limiting will probably not be accepted as an excuse for deliberately
> working around it.

I agree but how far should we take it? I am often downloading two or 
three things at a time, each gets a 8k/s.

How will we police that people do not download more than 1 file at a 
time? If we are allowed more than 1 file at a time how are we going to 
detect whether the downloader is downloading 4 separate files or have 
four threads on the 1 file?

With the bandwidth as wide as the Pacific ocean the UNI has (I used to 
often get 200k/s) do you really think that they will even notice that I 
am doing 64k/s? It would be like a pebble in the sole of their shoe, 
hardly noticeable.

Until further notice of why the bandwidth has suddenly drop like a lead 
balloon I will refrain from my "abuse" and only download 1 file using 1 

Can someone from the exec approach the Uni and lets us know?

Harry Phillips

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