[H-GEN] Wireless PCMCIA NIC & Debian

Paul Gearon pag at tucanatech.com
Thu May 27 21:59:15 EDT 2004

James Mills wrote:
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> Hi Guys,
> What kind of wireless pcmcia network cards are recommended with a laptop
> with Debian on it ?

I run Debian with an Orinoco Wavelan - Silver.  It was trivial to set up. 
They've probably changed the name again.  Once upon a time I also owned a 
Compaq card, and that was just a rebadged Wavelan card again.  Windows thought 
they were different, but Linux could tell they were the same thing.

> Perhaps if some of you who happen to be running Debian with such a card,
> could list the brand of the card and model, and the driver that it
> uses...

The name of the driver has changed a couple of times, so I don't recall.  At 
one point it was called wvlan.  It doesn't actually matter, as hotplug spots 
the card and loads the driver for you.  Just make sure your kernel has PCMCIA 
and Cardbus installed, and the drivers for the numerous PCMCIA cards as well 
(I've found it handy to have the others installed as it means I can insert 
other people's hardware if needed).

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