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Robert Brockway robert at timetraveller.org
Thu May 27 10:45:24 EDT 2004

On Thu, 27 May 2004, James Mills wrote:

> I am Visually Impaired and find it quite annoying to have to change the
> To: field everytime I want to respond to something on the mailing list.
> Could whoever is responsible for this mailing list change the Reply-To:
> field to the address of this mailing list please ? It makes it so much
> easier to communicate via the mailing list as you simply only need to
> Reply :)

As noted by Nikolai this has been covered ... ah, a few times :)

In any case, last time it came up I wrote the following procmail rules to
add a reply-to header for those who wanted it:

# Add Reply-To to HUMBUG General list
:0 cfw
* ^X-BeenThere:.*general at lists.humbug.org.au.*
| formail -a "Reply-To: general at lists.humbug.org.au"

# Add Reply-To to HUMBUG Chat list
:0 cfw
* ^X-BeenThere:.*chat at lists.humbug.org.au.*
| formail -a "Reply-To: chat at lists.humbug.org.au"

A bunch of people (myself included) have been using this for months so I
consider it well tested.


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