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> Just in case you miss it below, SEND YOUR RESUME TO JOBS at ADIXEIN.COM!
> The sooner the better!
> ==============================
> Systems administrator (junior)
> ==============================
> + This is UNBEATABLE work experience for a junior system administrator.
> + Deal with clients, expand your knowledge of Linux and Windows Server!
> + Earn some money and get REAL experience WHILE YOU STUDY!
> You are prepared to accept responsibility for your work, and are willing
> to go that extra mile to exceed clients' expectations. You are looking
> for extra money and unbeatable work experience. You are a confident,
> outgoing person. You have an interest in systems administration. You
> have your own transport and are based IN BRISBANE.
> You will be working as a consultant, working directly on existing
> customers systems. You will get a lot of responsibility very quickly.
> You will develop business IT solutions, prepare business cases and be
> responsible for implementing and maintaining your solutions. You will
> have access to good expertise, but people will rely on you to give good
> advice. You will be working on an as-needed basis, and given that some
> months there will be lots of work while other months there may be less,
> this is ideally suited to a student currently studying, or someone
> already working part-time.  Work is in general very flexible so you can
> (in most circumstances) schedule it around your lectures.  You may work
> some odd hours.
> As a minimum, you should have an understanding of general desktop
> support issues.  Other stuff you will be able to learn as you go along,
> but within a short time you would be managing (while supervised)
> computer servers running Windows 2000/2003 and Linux.  This means as a
> minimum you should have:
> + an understanding of IP addressing;
> + the ability to assemble computer hardware;
> + the ability to debug faulty computer hardware;
> + familiarity with Windows and Windows Update;
> + the ability to diagnose and fix basic issues encountered by users
> (broken desktop icons, inability to print);
> + basic familiarity with Linux.
> While a junior role, any knowledge of the following technologies would
> be advantageous:
> Linux (required), Windows Server 2000/2003 (advantageous), Exchange
> 2000/2003 (advantageous). Firewalls, DNS, RAID, networking, IP routing
> and masquerading, POP3/IMAP, HylaFAX, Voice-over-IP, network printing,
> Active Directory, Samba, Veritas Backup, Symantec Antivirus Corporate
> Edition. Other relevant experience will be considered.
> In general flexible hours, but weekend and after hours work will be
> required from time to time.  In general you can schedule work around
> your lectures.  On-demand consultancy basis $25/hr to $35/hr dependent
> upon experience.
> Send your resume to jobs at adixein.com

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