[H-GEN] Squid proxy

Harry Phillips harry at tux.com.au
Tue May 18 19:06:50 EDT 2004

I have a question about Squid. I have setup my server to do transparent 
proxying with a prerouting iptables rule that redirects requests on port 
80 to port 3128.

All is working fine, if I turn off squid no-one can access any web pages.

My question is why do I have to download the Windows updates again and 
again, Squid does not seem to cache them. I checked /var/spool/squid and 
it only has ~50M in there. The partition /var has 2.1G space free and I 
have set squid to use 1G as cache.

Does MS somehow specify that the objects are not to be cached? It is 
very annoying because I setup various versions of Windows for my clients 
and then update them. It is easier for Win98, I use a ghost image. You 
can't do that with XP though. I then have to download the entire Windows 
update *again* on my piddly little 56k modem.

I just added an iptables rule to preroute port 21 to squid as well so 
ftp transfers are cached too.

Harry Phillips

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