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Mark Suter suter at zwitterion.humbug.org.au
Sun Aug 22 07:18:43 EDT 2004

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I've taken Swambo's suggestion, as relayed by Tony and improved
by Robert and written some code.  Any comments to me directly
please - note use of Reply-To ;)

This should be a cut-and-paste run-from-the-shell-prompt job:

    perl -we '
    my @setA = qw( almond azure beige black blue brown coral cream cyan drab gold
            ivory lace linen navy orange pink plum purple red rose salmon smoke snow
            tan tomato violet wheat white yellow );
    my @setB = qw( baby bed boat box brick car cat chair cloud cow dog fire flower
            hat horse house key mat maze moon paper phone rabbit rock sail snake
            spear stamp star stump table tea tree truck );
    my %seen = ();
    foreach (1 .. 512) {
        my $name = @setA[ rand @setA ] . @setB[ rand @setB ];
        redo if ++$seen{$name} > 1;          # duplicates
        redo if $name =~ m{ \B (.) \1 \B }x; # embedded doubles
        redo if length $name > 10;           # too long
        print "$name\n";

Yours sincerely,

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