[H-GEN] Has anyone found this problem

Stephen Brine sbrine at ihug.com.au
Wed Aug 18 08:41:00 EDT 2004

Hi all. I am trying to figure out the solution to a problem. I have a 
machine with K6/2 500 processor on a Gigabyte 5AA mainboard (ALi chipset) 
The machine was running perfectly (shall we say) with windows 2000 I have 
knifed that and put mandrake 10 (2.6 kernel) on. I had trouble installing 
MD at 500MHz so I dropped the speed incrementally down to 250MHz where I 
could get MD to install. It ran fine all yesterday at 300 but then this 
morning it was rebooting at will so I lowered the speed back to 250. It 
will not get past "Uncompressing bios" when at 500. Doesn't anyone have a 
solution or come across this problem before. Note this is the first K6/2 
processor I have installed linux on. I have it working fine on my Athlon 
notebook, same virgin and everything.

Anyway it runs at the lower speed (seemingly) ok

Steve B

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