[H-GEN] Hostnames in meeting.humbug.org.au

Tony Bilbrough mtbilbro at bigpond.net.au
Mon Aug 16 18:15:49 EDT 2004

G'day All,
in an earlier part of the thread it was written that a couple of hundred 
ip address's were used.
Now from my vague memories of school boy Chemistry, Latin and Greek, the 
total number of elements came to about 120 something?
And a lot of those are a right bugger to spell, trust me.
So hard in fact that my spell checker had no idea what I was trying to 
write in lieu of the above line.

So I asked Swambo what she thought. Her solution was to prefix a colour 
to the easily spelt element vis
red_oxygen, blue_oxygen and so on. Just a few colours, and the more 
phonetically spelt elements.
Brilliant, I reckon.

As far as what one is actually called on that address, well I think most 
of us have certainly been called a lot worse than Anorexia, at some 
point or other! [what ever the text sign for smirk is]
cheers Tony B

James Mills wrote:

>On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 11:40:01PM +1000, David O'Brien wrote:
>>we'd hear "How do you spell cirrhosis?" I suppose we could use "sick", "flu", "cold"....   It probably doesn't matter if people have never heard of 
>>hydrogen, helium or boron, or whether they light, heavy or inbetween, or if 
>>they don't know if Andromeda is a star or a cluster, but they are easy to 
>>spell.  Aren't they?....  I must admit, I'd rather be called Pluto than 
>I 200% agree.
>It doesn't matter what scheme it is. As long as the names are:
>1. Easy to remember (the whole point)
>2. Easy to spell
>3. Have some kind of meaning/identify (not really that important)

Hydroponics - 4 square metres
................its a Small Holding


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