[H-GEN] Heated Computing (Was "Bad experiences with distros")

James C. McPherson James.McPherson at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 10 02:37:22 EDT 2004

Stuart Longland wrote:
> Russell Stuart wrote:
> | On a personal note, I have yet to see a computer burst into
> | flames.  But I have burnt myself (as in blistered finger) on
> | a CPU, because I had used "1$:  jmp 1$" instead of "halt" for
> | the idle loop.  I avoided halt because it didn't work on some
> | other "compatible" versions of the same CPU.  The incident was
> | of notable (to me anyway), because it was the only time a
> | coding bug caused me physical injury.
> Actually, I saw an article in one of the magazines the other day
> (might've been Australian Personal Computer, but I can't recall)
> mentioning how someone ended up getting his lap blistered whilst using
> his laptop for an extended period of time.

You're probably thinking of this article reported in El Reg:


I'm sure there are other examples out there of coding issues
causing personal injury -- google anybody?

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