[H-GEN] Setup a Linux box with wireless and WPA

Tim Browne dugb at netspace.net.au
Sun Aug 8 06:53:20 EDT 2004

Does any one have experience setting up a wireless network card on a Linux box 
with WPA authorisation.

I have a D-Link G520 wireless card setup with the Atheros drivers on a Linux box.
The card seems to work OK and the drivers support the WPA standard.
This card needs to authenticate its self with a user name and password to a 
Access Point connected to a Radius server.

Setting up the wireless card and network are no problems but I am not sure how 
to go about setting up the WPA authorisation. I only have to worry about the 
client side, the AP and Radius are already set up by an ISP.

If any one has done this and can give me a few tips it would be appreciated.

Tim Browne.

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