Bad experiences with distros (was Re: [H-GEN] CRUX (A programmers linux distro))

David Jericho davidj at
Fri Aug 6 23:02:00 EDT 2004

Bradley Marshall wrote:

>I'd've thought it'd be worth rolling the updates into the
>initial deployment on a regular-ish basis, thats all.

I'm of two minds with respect to this. I've actually had instances with 
hardware where version xyz date abc will work, but version xyz def won't 
on install. Funnily enough, I can then update abc to def no worries. 
Also it begs the question, where does one draw the line? At security 
fixes, at bug fixes, or at feature additions?

I can understand what you're getting at, but I chose not to build my 
systems in exposed environments, and my systems don't come up with any 
network connected services by default upon install. Granted, they're 
hackable if you've got an account on console, but if you've got console, 
the machine is only a reboot away.

David Jericho

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