[H-GEN] Qmail or Postfix

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Fri Aug 6 07:00:00 EDT 2004

On 2004-08-06, Tim Browne wrote:

> I am trying to decide between Qmail and Postfix.
> As far as I can tell they both appear to great applications. I know 
> everyone has their personal preference but is there any glaringly obvious 
>  reason why I should choose one over the other.

I use qmail and have never used Postfix.  At the time when I was
first looking for an alternative to sendmail, postfix did not
exist and qmail was the only option.  I've been happy enough
with it (at least once I had modified it to suit my needs),
although there are some things it does wrong and some things
that are arguable.  I've kept using it because I have a large
investment of time in it across many sites.

Were I to be making this choice today, I'd start with Postfix
and I'd only consider qmail if I couldn't get Postfix to do what
I wanted.  The reasons include better licence, better fit with
the Unix way of doing things, a maintainer who is probably more
sane, and better integration with other mail-related software.

As it is, I will be switching from qmail some time in the next
twelve months -- either to something entirely different or to
something I write myself.  Neither of those choices will offer
you anything much at this time.

Cheers, Greg

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