[H-GEN] CRUX (A programmers linux distro)

Sandra Mansell fakungabubu at internode.on.net
Thu Aug 5 21:42:48 EDT 2004

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 05:41:59PM +1000, Greg Black wrote:
> For many people, the whole point of running reliable systems is
> that it should be easy to do fresh installs so that they can be
> done whenever new versions come out -- there's no other way to
> go for general purpose systems that are exposed to the Internet.

apt-get dist-upgrade

Occasionally I do a full reinstall but usually only if I have a problem
or I want to try the 'new' installer. 

> got.  Then you tweak it to taste and record as you go what you
> did (preferably using some kind of version control).  And then

One of these days I'll actually record what I've done to customise and
setup our router. I really should start that now instead of just backup
up conf files that my husband has no idea where to put if the worst
should happen and we need to reinstall from scratch. (We are using older
hardware that no longer has a desktop use - AMD K6-2-300, 128meg ram,
12gig hard drive.) Perhaps I'll also start collecting some HOWTOs for
him as well. I'd hate for things to go south when I'm not here (as they
tend to do quite often) and him to have no idea what to do to fix it.

Does anyone have any gotchas on this? I know a lot of you work in the
industry and would have done documentation for people who only have a
basic knowledge (my husband has slightly more than that, but our
housemate doesn't).

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