[H-GEN] CRUX (A programmers linux distro)

Tim Browne dugb at netspace.net.au
Wed Aug 4 20:43:30 EDT 2004

There are many Linux distros out there each with their advantages and 
Personally, I use Gentoo.
It enables me to build an optimized system with only the applications I want. 
The down side is the compilation time required.

Tim Browne.

James Mills wrote:
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> Hi Folks,
> Like the subject says... At least that's what I beleive after having
> used ot.
> CRUX - www.crux.nu
> I can happily say a lot of nice things about it right now, only having
> used it for the last 4 days (same duration that I've learnt Python).
> Feel free to throw your questions at me through this thread.
> Also I am quite willing to demonstrate CRUX to anyone at the HumBug
> meeting this Saturday. I think I'm already going to be demonstrating LyX
> to a few people (not sure...)
> Tony: You are coming this Saturday aren't you ? :) Hope so!
> cheers
> James

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