[H-GEN] Text Processor Tool

James Mills prologic at shortcircuit.net.au
Mon Aug 2 01:32:22 EDT 2004

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 12:34:44PM +1000, Greg Black wrote:
> I only run them in their native resolution -- my experience with
> LCD screens is that their display quality sucks so badly in
> anything other than native resolution that it's just not worth
> it.  But your needs may well be different from mine.

I think this is not the case with the BenQ FP767 (or maybe the entire
BenQ series ?) When I was diagnosed with my condition I went out with my
mother (financial help at the time) to purchase an LCD. I tried several
brands and only the BenQ (at the time) was any good.

Others had problems like:

* glare
* not very clear

>From time to time, I consider docbook, but each time I look at
> it I wonder how they managed to get it so wrong.  And so I don't
> change.  Probably, if I ever do change, I'll write a completely
> new language that will output TeX for quality hardcopy, PDF for
> draft quality hardcopy, and HTML for browser quality output.
> But this project would be incredibly boring under most normal
> circumstances, so it will need some trigger to make it happen.
> The kind of trigger that might work would be a decision to adopt
> some new programming language and to use this as a project to
> learn that language.

Would my desire for a new Text Processor with some quite different
features help trigger this ?

Perhaps along with the Learning and using of the Python language (unless
you already know it) ?


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