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James Mills prologic at shortcircuit.net.au
Sun Aug 1 12:43:42 EDT 2004

On Sat, Jul 31, 2004 at 04:42:11PM +1000, Greg Black wrote:
> If you're happy with LyX, why not just continue using it?  Or
> has something changed that makes you need something with extra
> capabilities?

*nods* My Vision got worse. This thread is only to gather ideas and
thoughts though. My partner (girlfriend) doesn't know a great deal about
computers, so this has been great.

I will probably continue to use LyX iif (if any only if) I can... I
think you can change the on-screen fonts used (I hope!)

> You can certainly change the font face and size through a wide
> range in OpenOffice.

*nods* The Font/Size isn't the only reason I prefer not to use OO.
Probably for the same reasons you tend to write documentation in TeX :)
I do prefer to use some form of a Text Processor vs. Word Processor.
I just think it's more effecient than anything I have seen!

> OK, I happen to have a 17" LCD screen on my desk; mine runs at
> 1280x1024 -- is that what you're using?  If so, can you tell me
> what font you use in your xterms so that I can gauge what you're
> looking for?

I run mine in 640x480 to get that added increase in the size of what I
see along with the largest Font that x-term can increase to in it's
default configuration. ie: Using SHIFT + NUM_PLUS.

> This is a general problem, whether or not you have a vision
> problem.  A few minutes of web browsing is enough to make me
> want to go on a killing spree when I am confronted with web
> pages created by idiots who think they know what size screen I'm
> using and who know better then me what size and style of font I
> should be using.

I know and it sucks. I'm just gonna have to get a 30" LCD :) But for now
I have to try and solve the current problems I am facing now.

> I've never used LyX -- it was too broken last time I checked and
> I never went back to it.  But I use TeX for all my documentation
> (at least when I care about its appearance); and I also use OO,
> because I have relatives and customers who use it and I need to
> know how to drive it so I can be their help desk.  I happen not
> to like the "word processor" approach, as used in Word and OO;
> but I must say that I find it easy enough to use them, and I
> know that it's possible to ignore the mouse and menus and that
> stuff most of the time -- there are key strokes that do pretty
> much everything just as well.  But, since I don't see the world
> the same way as you do, it's possible that what I think of as
> easy may not be so for you.

You should. LyX (the current version 1.3.4 I think from memory without
firing it up), is quite stable and very nice to use.

> I'd strongly suggest trying out as much as you can from what's
> already available first -- while it would be possible to write
> your own in Python (or a hundred other languages), it's a
> non-trivial undertaking unless you really have time on your
> hands.  (This is spoken as somebody who thinks that the best way
> to learn a new language is to reimplement the Unix ed program as
> the first real exercise.)

*nods* I will and I am... Have you ever used things like hnb or woody ?
(Heirachical Editors, or Outline Editors) ? They are really nice in that
you can open/close branches of information/text as needed. This ability
and the terminal/curses based ability is the one thing lacking that I'd
like LyX to have :) Perhaps I'll speak with the Author before diving
into writing my own!

Though I must point out, that actually writing LyX in source code, ie:
in vim, is actually quite easy. So perhaps my Project isn't such a bad
idea (who knows).

Thanks Greg for your input, appreciate it.



This message was re-posted as I accidently hit 'r' instead of ':' in
mutt which is the email client that I use... Apparently you can setup
mutt properly so that hitting 'r' will also work (by using the
Mail-Follow-Up header). How do you do this ?

On the same note, back to when I started the Repy-To thread about this
list, these are the exact reasons why all HumBug lists should have a
Reply-To header. I'm not sure about other MUA's, but certainly with mutt
it's too much mucking around to participate in threads of this list! And
yes, I am quite knowledable about mutt's features and options and have
customized it quite a bit... But obviously it's still not enough :(

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