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Johann Kwiatkowski johann at spot-the-dog.com
Sun May 26 11:21:46 EDT 2002

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Hi all,
	a quick question. I want to display a program on a remote machine. I know 
how to do this normally, but in this case I am going through a 2 
proxies, one on my end and one on the other end, i.e from MACHINE ONE, I 
ssh through MACHINE TWO( via masquerading and iptables) to MACHINE 3 and 
then ssh into MACHINE 4. From MACHINE 4 I want to start a program which 
is displayed on MACHINE 1. I am unsure how to go about this. I though 
about setting up port-forwarding on MACHINE 3 to re-direct me to MACHINE 
4, but I am not too sure if this will even work.
(is that as clear as mud?) I also control all machines, so I can set-up 
as needed.

MACHINE 1 and 4 have private ip addresses and MACHINE 2 and 4 are 
routers/firewalls for cable-modems

I tried xhost +MACHINE 3 and +MACHINE 4 and exporting the display to the 
internal ip address of MACHINE 1, this didn't work, but was the only 
thing I could think of, apart from trying port-forwarding on MACHINE 3 

Any ideas would be appreciated. Also as a side note, is it possible to 
display a remote program, but also have that program display on the host 
machine, so that one could see what the other is doing?



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