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Tony Nugent tony at linuxworks.com.au
Sun May 19 22:47:06 EDT 2002

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On Sun May 19 2002 at 09:57, Mick Howe wrote:

> does anyone have a set of redhat 7.3 disks they could lend | sell | donate to
> me.

Yep, customised [1] with all the updates in it too. [2]

The third installer disk (which is just under 500Mb) can have the
SRPM packages taken off it, and replaced with several hundred Mb of
whatever else you might like. [3]

I don't have all the SRPM iso images yet, I'll be grabbing the iso
images sometime this week. [4]

There is a (55Mb) documentation iso too. [5]

(email me privately to arrange doing this by post if you like.  I
live on the Gold Coast, so if you are close by they can be collected
from / delivered by me directly).

If there is enough interest, I can bring along some disks to this
Saturday's meeting for whoever may want them [6] - or at least a
computer with a cdrom burner and the iso images on the hard drive
all ready for roasting. [7]

BTW, redhat 7.3 (as a workstation) is coming across to me as a
nicely polished rh7.2.  It now includes things like evolution,
although I really wish they had updated a lot more things like
sendmail to the latest available versions.  I haven't used it as a
server/firewall yet, but 7.2 does a fine job and 7.3 should be no


[1] Customised, despite the bugs in the anaconda/anaconda-runtime
    package that are used to rebuild the installation images.

[2] The updates for rh7.3 already total over 250Mb less than a month
    after its release.  (Hmm, I just had another look and there
    appears to be some updates that I've seen redhat notifications
    for that haven't made it to the local ftp mirrors for 7.3, I'll
    have to check what's going on).

[3] I have a large-ish collection of software from places like the
    dvd disks (4Gb+) that come with the UK mag Linux Format
    (expensive at $18, but good quality).  So talk to me and I can
    customise what gets put into it.

[4] Gotta be careful about my download limit, telstra charge like a
    wounded bull on adsl once you go over the 3000Mb [8] (per
    *calendar* month), but I have enough "in reserve" to download
    the SRPM iso images by the end of this month. [9]

[5] Perhaps the contents of the doc iso can be put onto the third
    installation disk.  Or the first disk on a 700Mb image.  Hmm,
    them be good ideas... :)

[6] small charge to cover my costs for the disks, or bring your own.

[7] I also have updated 7.2 installation images, and disks with all
    the 5.x (really:) 6.x and 7.x updates.  IMHO, it is just not
    worth worrying building updated installers for redhat 7.0 and
    7.1, they were quite buggy overall (7.2 was a dramatic
    improvement, 7.3 builds on that).

[8] note that this is _NOT_ 3Gb (3*1024*1024*1024 = 3,221,225,472
    bytes), but *exactly* 3,000,000,000 bytes.  Bad maths and
    misleading advertising, typical of them to draw the line like

[9] I dragged down 3,064Mb a couple of months ago and it cost me $12
    just for that little 64Mb trickle of data, ugh - not impressed.

[10] there is no footnote 10    :)

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