[H-GEN] Do I have to use Gnome?

Sandra Milne silne at optushome.com.au
Sat May 18 04:59:31 EDT 2002

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Oops. I'm turning into a classic 'user'. I installed the gnome-games
package, not paying attention to what else it installed. Now I can't
login to X without running gnome. I'd really rather not be running
gnome, but it doesn't seem to matter which session I choose, it just
opens my windowmanager of choice within gnome 1.4.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've not really learnt X all that much, well
not the file hacking of sessions anyway.

Normally I'd not mind running gnome, except that the display is somewhat
dodgy. By this I mean I'm getting graphic errors and windows attempting
to pop up in front of others and not quite succeeding. That sort of

I'm going to see how stable it is for me to look around for some help
online, but I'm not holding out much hope at the moment.


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