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Sarah Walters sarah at uow.edu.au
Thu May 16 02:45:14 EDT 2002

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On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 04:39:25PM +1000, Raymond Smith wrote:
> > I could, but all_general_staff consists of admin_users_all and other lists,
> > admin_users_all consists of ard_all and other lists and people who are just
> > in there, ard_all consists of ard_secretariat and other lists 
> Would chaining the lists (so admin_users_all would be subscribed to
> all_general_staff) help? Besides the obvious ease at which mail-loops
> could formed it seems to me that this might offer you the kludge you are
> looking for...

Well, at the moment we're looking at putting admin_users_all into all_general_staff, and all_general_staff into all_staff. The problem will be a matter of
where a staff member is in two lists, and therefore gets two emails. Majordomo,
as I said, handles this as follows :


I believe this is a sendmail thing (don't know a lot about sendmail or lists).
I was mainly asking because I've noticed that humbug uses mailman, and wondered
if anyone on these lists has encountered the same problem and done something
about it.

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