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On 7 May 2002, Joel Michael wrote:

> On Mon, 2002-05-06 at 08:52, Rob Unsworth wrote:
> > I'll have to take another look, but it is my understanding that you can't
> > run services on bigpond.
> >
> Actually, you can run services on Bigpond broadband connections.  You
> could ever since the 3GB cap came in.  It was part of the updated AUP
> that was provided with that change.

You have always been able to run services on Bigpond Broadband, even
though you may not have been permitted to.  I can guarantee this from
personal experience.

The following is a snippet from an email that Telstra sent out to its
broadband customers in response to the "qaz trojan" propagating over its
network back in October 2000:

Following extensive customer feedback regarding the impact of this virus,
Telstra BigPond has made the decision to close (at the cable modem
routers) Port 139 through which the virus propagates.  This should
restrict the virus and improve the service.

Closing Port 139 (also known as the NetBios port) will mean that all
BigPond customers will no longer be able to use certain functions that
this port would normally facilitate. In particular, some network sharing
services (file and print sharing)  through our network will cease
operating. Volume based plan customers (Blast off and Business Plans) only
use this feature as hosting servers is a breach of the Acceptable Use
Policy for Freedom Plan customers.

Customers who wish to continue to share files may implement an FTP server.
An FTP server allows others other people on the Internet to access files
on thier computer using a web browser such as Internet Explorer or

Note that they knew that some people were running "services" on their
Freedom Plan.  They only seem to want to reduce upstream traffic (which
cable modems are slow at anyway).  So long as you keep your upstream
bandwidth usage down, they don't seem to care.  Unlike people on Optus,
I've never had a port scan by Telstra (though I get a few scans from other
sources almost every day).

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