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Sarah Walters sarah at uow.edu.au
Mon May 6 21:21:32 EDT 2002

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> Check your download limit on netspace
> 2.5 gb starts at $400 and something bucks
> Again bang for buck telstra comes out on top
> It seems to me no other ISP's come even remotly close to telstras ADSL prices
> And if they can beat it they put you on a very limited download limit
> I hear people say telstra holds us for ransom when it comes to broadband
> Looking for a cheap ADSL connection i find (for what i need) telstra wins

It really depends on how and when you use your connection. Pacific Internet
(we're with them for dialup, and their service and support is excellent) have
a good system. They start at $59.95 a month. For that you get 500mb at 256/64.
For an extra $10 you get 512/128. This includes 500 mb a month downloads. This
isn't so great, but you're after speed rather than increased downloads it's a
fair deal. 1000MB extra costs $30 a month, so if you're going to be pulling
down heaps during the day Telstra is probably a better bet. Out of hours though,
things change. For $10 a month, you get unlimited downloads between 1am and 8am.
If you go over 10GB in a month they will reduce your bandwidth if it's busy.
For $20 a month, you can get unlimited downloads 12am saturday - 8am monday,
that's all weekend. You can add any of the above expenses in the combinations
you prefer. There's no contract if you're willing to pay a slightly higher
installation fee ($75 extra), so you've got the flexibility to move if a 
competitor's prices are better. 

Best of all, for certain hours of the day they have linux support, not "We
don't support linux. Goodbye" as we got from our previous ISP.

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