[H-GEN] Best Easy Firewall

Mon May 6 09:49:55 EDT 2002


rodney> Which Firewall is the best , secure and easy for setting ?

greg> If you want all this in one hit, removing the wire that connects
greg> you to the rest of the world is the clear winner.

Unfortunately, if you're unable or unwilling to take Greg's good
advice, your answer lies in greater understanding of what can be
done and what you need to do.  A product that may suit me may be
completely unsuitable for you and your circumstances.

You should think about Security as part of your use of computers
and even more generally.  It isn't something you can get by just
installing a particular piece of software or employing firewalls
and other such tools.

The following is a good introduction to some basics; however, we
are talking about an area in which experts are still learning as
they go, so you must pay attention and relate the general advice
to your own personal circumstances.


Yours sincerely,

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