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On Mon, 6 May 2002, Rob Unsworth wrote:

> I'll have to take another look, but it is my understanding that you can't
> run services on bigpond.

Big Pond Direct (BPD) allows you to run any service or do whatever you
want with the link as long as you pay and it is legal. It has no relation
to any other Big Pond except for bearing a similar name and ultimately
being part of the same company.  The BPD is mainly aimed at business users
but it seems to be seperate from Big Pond Business also.

BPD will also give you a bunch of static IPs.  You just have to justify
the allocation you request. Pacific Internet will also allocate static IPs
if you can justify the use.  I imagine others would as well.

I note at this point it is against the list charter to subjectively
compare ISPs as we have many ISP admins on the list.  I have therefore
restricted my discussion to things that I know to be objective fact.


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