[H-GEN] Mandrake Problems

Greg Black gjb at humbug.org.au
Fri May 3 23:19:07 EDT 2002

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Rob Kearey wrote:

| Greg Black wrote:
| > | > I managed to put Mandrake on my 20G drive over the top of Redhat,
| > | > but still can't use kppp only Dial2Net works.
| > | 
| > | Over the top? You did an install over an existing Red Hat install 
| > | without removing the Red Hat install?
| > | 
| > | Um, that may cause Bad Things to happen.
| > Why is that?  Doesn't an install blow away anything that was
| > there before, or do Linux install procedures differ from most
| > others in some way?
| Sure, if the drive is formatted. If you choose to install over an 
| existing filesystem, then it's not going to delete stuff. People who say 
| "please don't delete my stuff" tend to get annoyed when it gets deleted.

It's interesting to see the ways in which expectations influence
the way one sees these things.  For me, "install" means treat
this thing as virgin territory and make sure it has an entirely
predictable set of content.  Of course, this kind of "install"
would allow retention of my data on those partitions that were
not offered to the install process.  I would call an install
that retained OS stuff on the destination partition(s) an
"upgrade" rather than an install -- and I would never[1] do this
because I'm convinced that nobody out there knows how to do it
right (I certainly don't, except for my own systems).  And, of
course, an attempt to "upgrade" from one vendor/OS combination
to another vendor/OS would clearly be asking for trouble.


[1] "Never" means "never on a production machine" -- I take all
    sorts of risks when playing with bleeding-edge OS installs
    that I'm testing on a crash box, and that's one reason I'm
    convinced that "upgrade" means "jump into the pool without
    first checking if it's wet".

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