[H-GEN] Parts anyone?

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Wed May 1 10:11:45 EDT 2002

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Ok, I have had a few private responses to this offer.

I should have made it clearer, I will ONLY bring the parts to
the next HUMBUG meeting. They are OLD (and I mean old,
then again I saw older at Saturday nights meeting) parts, they are
for YOUR personal use, they are FREE, you don't have to give
them back, I don't want anything for them.

NO I do not have details of any of the parts, they are all in two or
three boxes, (ok this is a lie but my memory is getting confused as
to what is and isn't available so it's pretty close to the truth and I
am not going to check the boxes), it will be a lucky dip on the night,
what it is and if it works is up to how lucky/quick you are.

If you want anything you will HAVE to wait until the next
HUMBUG meeting (on the 11/05/2002). I am busy servicing my clients 
and building my company until then.

It is obvious that people are interested so I guess my question has
been answered. I will bring it all along next meeting, all that I ask is if you find
the part doesn't work turf it. At the end of the night anything left over (working
or not) will go into the nearest industrial bin (not back to my garage).


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