[H-GEN] Parts anyone?

hphillips at 4ward.com.au hphillips at 4ward.com.au
Wed May 1 08:53:26 EDT 2002

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I run a business and one of the things we do is 'upgrade kits' for our
clients, we take their PC, remove any parts that are useful in their
new system and put them in a new system.

As a result of that I have quite a lot of old stuff clogging up my
garage. I was wondering if anyone is interested in using the old parts
to put together some boxes? I can bring them along next HUMBUG meeting.

I don't know what works and what doesn't as it all got mixed up during
a move, so it would be pot luck. You could even use the parts to upgrade
your current boxes if you wanted.

I have cases, motherboards, CPUs, HDD's, video cards, sound cards, NIC's
internal modems, etc etc. I was going to test it all and put the
working parts aside 'just in case' but I just don't have the time any

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