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On 31 Jan 2002, Arjen Lentz wrote:

[Excellent discussion of the meritsof flat rate Internet access deleted]

> One really wonders why it hasn't been done yet, it makes commercial

Oh, it has been done.

There was no volume charging in Australia until Jan 1 1995.

When volume charging was announced, there were online petitions, etc,
telling them what a brain-dead idea it was.  They didn't listen and most
of our predictions subsequently came to pass.

> sense (as has been proven elsewhere).

Indeed.  It really has put Aus behind the 8 ball.

Imho, it was an effort to make more money.  They claimed it needed to be
done to cope with the growth of the net.  Imho their arguments didn't
really hold water.

Now it is part of the culture - expected, so they can get away with it.
It is similar to timed long distance calls in this regard.  There is no
reason to time long distance calls anymore but because it is culturally
acceptable they continue to get away with it (things are changing slowly).

It is a shame that most people on the net in Australia today haven't seen
a time without volume charging.

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