[H-GEN] Kerberos advances

James McPherson - TSG Engineer James.McPherson at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 22 18:11:43 EST 2002

On 15 Jan 2002, 01:28:37 PM Robert Brockway wrote:
> Believe it or not, it is my understanding that a reboot is required to fix
> some RPC registration problems under Solaris.  I read this somewhere deep
> in the doco.  It basically says something like "don't be starting &
> stopping RPC services out of order, reboot instead".  This is all from
> memory so if anyone could provide more specific advice for Sarah I think
> that would be narly.
> James of the Sun Microsystems, do you have any comments on this RPC issue?

I've found an SRDB document (symptom and resolution db) on this. It's attached
as html. The meaty bit is the end which gives the "warm start" info since the
rc script /etc/init.d/rpc is rather heavy handed with rpcbind.


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