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Patrick Nichols pat at humbug.org.au
Sun Jan 6 02:38:50 EST 2002

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I've done a little more research on tape drives now, and seem to have come
to the conclusion that a dds4(20/40) drive is what I'm after.  It is about
the price that I was aiming for, and should do the job for a while.  The
capacity is lower than I was after, but to get higher capacity you are
looking at significantly more money.

As for prices and such, a sony dds4 internal drive is about 1700-1800 (lots
of places), and imation dds4 tapes are 43.60 each or 42.60 for 10
(datarec.com.au - gotta love google),  They sell imation dds3 tapes for
19.10 each for a box of 10.  Add a cheapo scsi card and 50-68 pin adapter
and I'm in business.  Depending on how tight they are I could save some
money by buying some dds3 tapes to go with the drive, and having a mixture
of tapes.

The reason I think that a dds4 drive will be a better solution than the ide
one proposed earlier is that I can't find anywhere that sells the tapes
online, they seem to have very poor market infiltration with their 30/60
drive, and I would expect the tapes to be really expensive.  Of course after
looking at what is available I would like to get a dlt drive and tapes, but
I think that is a little more money than they are willing to spend.  Plus
dds4 is a tried and tested technology.

As for backup strategy I'm yet to decide on the software to use or the
backup method.  I'll leave the tape changing strategy to management to
decide how many tapes we need.  The father, son, nephew, grandfather :)
thing looks the way to go.

The main reason I shy away from using removable ide hdd's is I'm nervous
about carting them around and dropping them.  Plus the cost of maintaining a
large library of backups on them.  Do you see any problems with my choices?


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