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Jason Henry Parker jasonp at uq.net.au
Sat Jan 5 23:50:15 EST 2002

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Robert Brockway <robert at timetraveller.org> writes:

> On 6 Jan 2002, Jason Henry Parker wrote:
> > [rsync]
> I see this as a great addition to a normal backup scheme, rather than a
> replacement,


> as the one thing that the "rsync solution" fails on is the concept
> of the backup being off site (unless of course you are sending Gb of
> data over the 'net :)

I've thought about it.  Rsync has that nifty `tunnel me over ssh'

> Indeed.  As I mentioned to Pat last night, once the Sysadmin has
> done the hard yards setting up a robust system the company secretary
> can be relied upon to be the "tape jockey" - it is only a mechanical
> process and requires no special technical knowledge.

Another fun story:

   Tiger Team is paid to go onsite to find a way to break into the
   company network and find a way to steal their IP (so the hole can
   be closed).  After a week of examining how things work, they pack
   up and leave.  The next day, a Team member waltzes into the office,
   and steals that week's backup tapes from the secretary (presumably
   distracted by a convenient phone call) who has them sitting around
   waiting for the courier.

> Indeed.  I'm a fan of making a restore system so straightforward you
> can do it either with everyone around asking when it will be done

How do you, Robert, go about doing that?

As for people asking when it will be done, I'd like to think that I'd
have sufficient clout to ask my boss to take everyone to lunch.  (If
the company is going to bleed money it may as well spend it wisely.)

> It's just lucky that duelling went out of vogue or Humbug would have a
> lower total membership I suspect.

Are you paying attention, Pat?  There'll be a quiz afterward!
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