[H-GEN] predicting/recognising HD failure (was Tape Drives)

Matthew Taylor bmatthewtaylor at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jan 5 23:35:05 EST 2002

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got curious just now along the lines of 'recognising when a drive is about to 
fail' , saw this
and had a look at 
man fsck

As I understand it fsck (normally) runs in standard startup scripts, and 
unless the previous powerdown bypassed the shutdown scripts, no errors should 
be reported (normally).

Would it be feasable to write a short script to email the admin a specific 
warning if fsck detected a level of errors above some threshold? [nb: I 
confess, I dont read my startup logs regularly, where some of this 
information is normally provided.]

NB: This should not be relied upon to bypass 'good' physical backup 

I suspect many raid  installations have self monitoring routines already  
installed. Comments from those who use raid?


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