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Frank Brand fbrand at uq.net.au
Sat Jan 5 21:45:49 EST 2002

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>I had a bad experience with removeable HDs.  From what I understand they
>were never meant to be pulled in & out often (even if they are hotswapable
>- which some are).  I endefd up with partition table failures on numerous
>occassions when trying to use a removeable HD as a backup.  I took the HD
>out and put it in normally and have had no further problems with it.
>Anyway, after this occured I asked around and a few people said they had
>had similar experiences.  So I've been turned off from the idea in a big
>way :)

I have never struck that problem. I have had no problems with removable
drives and been using them for years. I can't see why there are problems as
they are really just an IDE pass through device. Although I have struck some
boxes that just dont like them. I had a Dell recently that just would not
accept drives thru the adapter but would happily accept the same drive
plugged straight in.

Pat is actually proposing an IDE tape drive. I have never been that fussed
on IDE tape drives but maybe there are some other views. I know that there
is usually a vast difference between cost of IDE and SCSI drives without
even considering the cost of the SCSI card.

>Can't comment on how well a usb solution might go.

I have  just put in a USB adapter and a 5 Gb laptop HDD for transfering
relatively large files. Seems OK at the moment and is really quick and
convenient for say transferring big company records around the state. The
alternative was downloading for hours off the internet. A DSL, cable or
satellite connection for everywhere is not especially practical. Of course
it may not be the ideal solution for *nix as drivers are needed for the USB
adapter...not sure whether the IDE to USB bridge required for the USB
adapter is available outside the M$ paradigm

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