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David Jericho davidj at webmatchit.com.au
Wed Jun 14 19:56:32 EDT 2000

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Rob Kearey wrote:
> > lol......did i just see "decent" and "3com" in the same sentance...
> For differing values of "decent" - I was just pulling names out of a
> hat. I'd just get one of the Tulip based NetGears if it was up to me

Pah, to both of you. I use the 3com 905B's at home, and have never had a
problem with them. But tulips, shudder. Unless the driver was written by
Cisco, I don't want it on my network. (Cisco use Tulips in quite a few
of their AS series products, and probably other stuff as well)

Intel EtherExpress Pro 100/B's all the way baby. Any card that Linus
uses himself, is good enough for me.

David Jericho, Systems Administrator
Webmatch Interactive Marketing
Guess which kernel NIC driver has the least number of bugs?

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