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Frank Brand fbrand at uq.net.au
Mon Jun 12 23:48:39 EDT 2000

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For those that are interested in my research regarding time loss when copying a
hard drive over a network see the following :-

Chris Biggs gets the "Close but no cigar" award. Don't know if Chris got close
because of his innate distrust of NE2000 network cards or whether he knew
something but this is a response I got on the subject from a guy at Oracle.

If this respondent is correct the network card is too fast (close Chris but the
answer that the network card was too slow is not quite right). ;^>

In all seriousness I think what he is saying is that it just does not
synchronise irrespective of whether it is too fast or too slow.


Has to do with the timing signals that the RealTek networking card are
sending to the PC. The PC attempts to give the Network card all available
resources during a large intensive copy and it 'assumes' that the timing
signals will be in sync with what the BIOS reports back as the correct time.
There is an option for a NE2000 compatible card that keeps it in sync, but
the downside is that the copy will take longer.

In a sentence - The network cards clock is faster than the PC's.


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